Strategy and Planning

Much like any other department in your business, Learning & Development also needs accurate forecasting. This requires an effective strategy and careful planning. We can help you with that. 

It's not only the Sales Team that affects revenue.

Imagine a VIP Client walks into your building, and your security or receptionist is 'having a bad day' and in the process, treats the VIP with disrespect, resulting in them charging out of the building, threatening to never return... This could have been avoided, IF your staff were expertly trained. 

Oh the importance of effective communication.

Potential prospect asks for some information. Employee hastily sends them confidential information which reveals your 5-year game plan. Prospect was actually a competitor phishing for information. What now? It could have been avoided IF  your employees were expertly trained. 


Professional And Dedicated Consulting Solutions

Whether it's to set up a new training company, or to implement an employee development programme, or to promote specific awareness within the organisation, we can assist with this - and more. 

Natalie Louw (nee Delport)
CEO & Founder
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Starting from a humble beginning Natalie has achieved much in her life and strongly believes that ones positive attitude determines ones altitude. She radiates happiness and positive energy wherever she goes, and learnt to do so while working her way up from an entry-level job to the senior positions that she now holds. Natalie has served on several boards for corporates and local  government, and has been instrumental in developing and facilitating vocational training programmes across a broad range of industry sectors. Natalie  has a passion for guiding and advising others on skills development matters. She has a wealth of knowledge in life skills, human behaviour, leadership and management and has a proven track record in implementing many personal and employee development initiatives. Her active involvement in skills development, with an emphasis on equality, empowerment and transformation, has further developed Natalie’s understanding, empathy and respect for society at large. To Natalie, integrity is key. 

Unique Ideas

Our Services

Project Design & Implementation
Whether you have one employee who would like to formalise their on-the-job training through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or a group of managers who need leadership training, we work with you to ensure it's designed and executed, noting significant improvements in employee performance and behaviour. 
One-on-One Coaching | On the Job Training
You've been offering your employees on-the-job training for years, so why shouldn't you apply for accreditation and allow them to get formal recognition of their learning? You should! Or at the very least, work with an accredited training provider (also known as SDP - Skills Development Provider) to ensure that the training done at your workplace, is formally recognised. 

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Small Business Development


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Executive Coaching




Broadcast & Communications

For excellent performance, we focus on strategic planning for your entire team.

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay."- Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company
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What Our Clients Say's

Lamise Inglis -Linkedin

Natalie presented the Train-The-Trainer/Coach course to our candidates in George and Cape town. The candidate feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The sessions whether presented online via Zoom or in person were professional and empowering. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. We highly recommend her and her services. - Lamise Inglis, CEO @ iKasi Creative Media

Veshal Paima -Linkedin

I met Natalie during the 'Virtual Leadership Skills’ seminar that she led and facilitated with excellence. The seminar was informative and mind provoking. Natalie demonstrated her mastery of the subject matter through an exceptionally well presentation, keeping the audience engaged throughout the session. As businesses continue to optimize it processes, effective management tools and frameworks should be adopted to ensure seamless achievement of smart goals – and Natalie is the person who can help companies in understanding and applying these. - Veshal Paima (ACMA, CGMA) Senior Finance Business Partner @ Rand Water

Yusuf Omar-Linkedin

Natalie never fears from experimenting with new concepts, ideas and people. She created creative spaces unlike anything seen on the African continent before. Wonderfully professional yet completely human and personal. - Yusuf Omar, Co-founder of rapid growth media startup, invested in by Snapchat